Di Berardino Drums was born in Pescara back in 2000. It is located in Via G. Fonzi 8 in a 150 square meters warehouse. Just a bet settled by Alessandro Di Berardino and his father Lorenzo with a friend of theirs gave birth to the firm. The bet was about solving the everyday problems faced by a drummer like tuning, head replacement and overtones.

Their friend was Giovanni Del Gallo, a jazz drummer who needed some kind of drum tuning system with just a single lug (instead of the standard 8 lug system) as a solution to the defects of the instrument.

Since then, Alessandro and his father started working on the solution also thanks to the technical skills earned in their own car workshop and a long career with a motorbike team which gave the family a national and european success.

Alessandro’s father, Lorenzo is also a drummer who back in 1989 designed a crescent shaped shell by using stowed staves (a patented special system). Unfortunately the design was abandoned due to family problems. But after about 10 years, the Di Berardinos brought that design back to life and, together with their newly designed single lug system, created their first drum and started a beautiful career with newborn Di Berardino Drums:

·         2002 – first expo ever for the Di Berardino Drums at “Disma Music Show” held in Rimini (Italy). A great success!

·         2003 – second expo at “Disma Music Show”.

·         2003 – Di Berardino Drums at “Perugia Classico” trade fair held in Perugia (Italy).

·         2004 – Di Berardino Drums at “Music Messe” trade fair held in Frankfurt (Germany).

·         2010 – Di Berardino Drums at “Music Italy show” held in Bologna HISTORY (Italy).

Di Berardino Drums appeared on tv shows broadcasted by national tv (RAI) and Mediaset, together with international artists who chose a Di Berardino Drums for their live set.

Since the beginning Di Berardino Drums never had endorsers, although several requests from various artists.

Unfortunately, Di Berardino Drums is a small firm with no economic resources for this expensive kind of advertisement and all of the instruments produced are only available for purchase.

The lack of endorsers is a big problem for a small firm but, on the other hand, Di Berardino Drums had a great chance to see national and international magazines talking about their product (for free!) in a contest where big companies pay a lot of money for magazines advertising with the only purpose to show their aesthetic innovations or, perhaps, the famous people who play their instruments. None of those advertisements talks about the sound, only sound is the real purpose of Di Berardino Drums.

You might well know that 90% of drums produced in the world are manufactured in China and, if you take a close look at the components, you will find out that:

Hoops: the same for every brand in the drum market

Shells: the same for every brand in the drum market

Lugs: only aesthetic differences

Heads: the same for every brand in the drum market.

Would you ever be able to understand which company made a drum only by listening to it?

Anyway, only those few people who can tune a drum can make a difference. Period.